Detailed Insight of MocDoc Hospital Management System

MocDoc Hospital Management System is a complete Healthcare Solution for professionals and patients. MocDoc Hospital Management system manages all documents, medical records of labs, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies digitally. It eliminates all paperwork and provides an online platform that helps to bridge the gap between the public and the doctors. It also provides relevant and authentic information to each of them depending upon their needs.

Detailed Insight of MocDoc Hospital Management System

Why is MocDocTechnology Special?

Almost each and every healthcare system is dependent on the client’s server technologies that are accessible only from desktop computers installed on all premises. With the help of MocDoc healthcare solution, one can rest assured of getting a full solution to healthcare management. A healthcare management system is integrated with a cloud-based platform, providing you with a secure and comprehensive solution to all your healthcare needs.

Benefits of MocDoc Hospital Management Software

MocDochospital management software is used to oversee all the fundamentals of your hospital and healthcare management properly. It is used to track the activities that are required to operate a hospital or a healthcare organisation in a hassle-free manner. MocDoc takes control over the repetitive tasks involved with a hospital business, like managing the patient’s data entry tasks, thus saving a lot of time. The price ofMocDoc hospital management software depends upon several factors, such as the size of the hospital, features required by the customer, the number of locations, and the like.

Detailed Insight of MocDoc Hospital Management System

TheMocDoc hospital management software has some beneficial features. Let’s have a quick look at some of them:

  • Manual case sheet
  • Pharmacy management
  • Referral management and Outsourcing
  • Therapy room management
  • Multi-location support
  • Designation-based access
  • Website management
  • Patient room history
  • Procedure management

MocDoc Hospital Management Suite

MocDoc hospital management suite comes with a wide variety of features that really helps the hospital staff, doctors and patients to manage their day-to-day healthcare management operations efficiently. MocDoc allows healthcare organizations to render better healthcare services to patients, thus ensuring their health and well-being.

Detailed Insight of MocDoc Hospital Management System

Some of the salient features of the MocDoc hospital management system are –

  • Therapy Room Management

It is a consolidated calendar view to book OT, surgeon, anaesthetists and other doctors. There is an option to reschedule and cancel the booking. It even acts as a checklist that can be pre-configured for surgeons and comes with consent forms for the patients. The therapy room management feature of MocDoc also has a facility that allows users to send SMS to surgeons and anaesthetists after making the surgery or therapy appointments. Moreover, there is an option to add and manage notes from surgeons and physicians.

  • IP Management

IP management serves the facility of one-click invoice generations for pending payments. There is an option to set an Authorisation amount as well. It is a user-friendly interface that helps to manage beds and other assets of the hospital business. MocDoc comes with an automatic functionality to perform maintenance operations after discharge. There are multiple rate plans available for the same room based on the available amenities. Users can even order medications for IP patients from the ward itself. The software eliminates all manual tracking and paperwork, thus saving time and increasing the efficiency of hospital industries. The software generates a template-based discharge summary to enable users to have a quick look at the patient’s status. There are many options available to prevent the discharge summary until the IP bill is closed.

  • Pharmacy management

MocDoc enables the users to carry out a wider range of operations, including –

  • To manage suppliers, raise GRN from the purchase order.
  • Make stock adjustments for non-GRN based flows.
  • To monitor and track stock movement stores and pharmacies.
  • Options to sell medicines and other pharmaceutical items with manual prescriptions.
  • It supports both prepaid and postpaid payments.
  • It can configure multiple stores and sales counters.
  • Laboratory Management

To place orders for the samples, it is necessary to register your containers, printed barcodes, along with your laboratory devices and equipment to make way for total automation of your lab operations. Reports are available with templates that are configured and they are based on age and gender. The software can even send automatic notifications to its users on test results generated in the laboratory. Moreover, test reports can even be sent to customers through emails and SMS. MocDoc’s laboratory management feature can generate invoices for the outsourcing labs and franchises, as per the rate plans.

MocDoc offers support for both prepaid and postpaid systems. You can create lab report templates to match the specific needs of various doctors and healthcare professionals. You can even change the notifications about the status and availability of test results and let your patients know about them via emails and SMS.

  • Blood Bank Management

MocDoc Hospital Management System facilitates blood bank supervision as per the public requirements in real-time. This system enables you to mark all the blood packets with unique codes for identification.

  • Store Management
Detailed Insight of MocDoc Hospital Management System

Hospitals are using this feature of MocDoc Hospital Management System to supervise all the materials in the storeroom on-the-go, like cleaning reagents and other types of equipment. Moreover, it also keeps track of the available medicines and other medical devices or first aid items in the store.

  • Data Interface from Tally

With the help of MocDoc, hospitals can integrate Tally with their system to supervise their financial books more accurately. It helps to produce balance sheets, cash flow statements, generate invoices and make monthly billing more efficiently. Moreover, MocDoc, being a cloud-based system, facilitates you to create invoices for the insurance providers and the patients, to handle finances and other such activities.

With such a wide range of features and benefits of the MocDoc hospital management system, hospital businesses and other healthcare industries can manage their daily business operations seamlessly. It helps to improve the transparency and scalability of the business, and at the same time serves to enhance customer services, thus building brand loyalty.

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